'I am not a journalist'


...is my most repeated sentence
'Trust me I'm an anthropologist' a close second.

I began my career as an artist experimenting in video and photography. Drawing inspiration from early analogue technologies and finding ever more treacherous locations to film, became the foundation to the collaboration and documentation of live performances of musicians throughout the UK and Europe. 

Broadly speaking anthropology is the study of humanity. All of it. 
This research focusses on contemporary music subcultures, exploring the capacity of musical performance to inspire the creation of communities throughout the globe. Fieldwork is vital to the anthropological method, typically lasting from 1-2 years. Not only does this distinguish anthropology from other social sciences, it provides me with a unique opportunity to comprehensively observe and document the lives and performances of the musicians who elect to collaborate with me in my research.

This site will host fieldwork documentation, photography, interviews and some short films. Providing an active space that provides additional information and detail on specific elements of ongoing research prior to and throughout its publication.

For the time being my attention is focused on heavy metal culture in the UK. This includes anyone who considers themselves a member of the metal community, not just musicians. I enthusiastically encourage all enquiries particularly those wanting to take part in this research to contact me via: lindsay.bishop.10@ucl.ac.uk